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Teens 4 Christ

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Stop Complaining - Pray, Listen N Act [12 Jan 2012|11:28pm]

The people complained about their problems instead of praying (Exodus 17:2). Some problems can be solved by careful thought or by rearranging our priorities. Some can be solved by discussion and good counsel, but some problems can be solved only by prayer. We should make a determined effort to pray when we feel like complaining because complaining only raises our level of stress. Prayer quiets our thoughts and emotions, and prepares us to listen.
Are you complaining or praying? When you pray do listen or just keep asking?
I know for myself that complaining does not get you anywhere. All it does is make you angry and makes others not want to be around because you’re so negative. Once I learned that lesson things start to change. I begin to pray and listen to God. One of the answers God gave to me was empower network an awesome tool for getting money. If God is speaking to you click the link and ck out the system.
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Hi there, new person [26 Nov 2010|03:09am]

Hi, found this place a little while ago. Religion is fascinating to me, Christianity in particular, and I guess you could say I'm "between worlds"- Christian but not. It definitely influences my beliefs and has a hold on me, but I also practice my own culture's traditions. I'm 1/8 Ojibwe and follow the old ways as well. There's an interesting church that some of you may know about called the Native American Church that is exactly that- a blend of Christian beliefs with Native traditions. I'm not a member, but I do know many of the songs, and they are beautiful and very soulful. I posted a few and a translation of the words below for people to hear. Most of the songs are in Lakota.

Wanikiyan- a name for the Creator/God; Wachiyelo(also wani-wachiyelo)- I want to live; Jesus- no translation xD; Omakiyayo- please help me; Unchi Maka- grandmother earth; Wawatani- referring to living a good life on earth, a wakan, or sacred, one.

Wani-wachiyelo Ate omakiyayo- I want to live, Father, please help me
Ate nimichikun- Father you have done this
Oshiya checheyelo- humbly have pity on us
Wani-wachieyelo Ate- I want to live, Father

And now a brief(hopefully) questionCollapse )
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666 [15 Sep 2009|12:41am]




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Lend a hand [24 Jun 2009|01:42pm]

Help! We need your votes!
Hayley and I entered a background contest on a fansite for Green Day called GDA (Green Day Authority) about a week ago, and our entries were accepted! :D This means that if our backgrounds get the most votes, we win a limited edition poster! Hurry and help us out, because we only have until Thursday!
You don't need to be a Green Day fan to help us out. All we need is two minutes of your time for you to fill in the bubbles by our entries and click the submit button. You don't have to sign up for anything, answer any questions, or fill out any information at all. Three clicks of your mouse and you're done!
We would both really, really appreciate your help on this. We're huge Green Day fans, and this would mean so much to both of us to win. I'm including a tutorial with screen shots to show you exactly how to vote for us.

1. Go to http://www.greendayauthority.com/contests/

2. Scroll to nearly the bottom of the page you are taken to until you see this:

3. On the left column, fill in the little bubble (it will become blue when it's selected) beside the entry titled "Created By: Hayley Sheets". On the right hand column, fill in the bubble titled "Created By: Cheyenne". Below is how your screen should then look, minus the red boxes and the green highlighted text. I did that to show you the entries you should be voting for.

4. Scroll all the way to the buttom of the screen and click the 'Submit' button.

Please make sure you have both entries selected before you submit your votes. Each computer is only allowed to vote once, so if you forget to fill in a bubble than you've wasted one half of your vote. =(
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This is my way of giving back. [28 May 2009|10:05am]


Join it. It makes a world of a difference.
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[23 May 2009|01:38am]


some songs by KJ-52 that i love
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Some amazing songs [17 May 2009|04:26pm]

[ mood | sick ]

I posted some of my fav songs from Misty Edwards (out of IHOP- International House of Prayer) she is a great worship leader, her songs are drenched in God. If your looking for some amazing and powerful worship music then check these out. There are 6 songs.


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Feed The Beattt :) [06 May 2009|05:27am]

Not too sure how many Thousand Foot Krutch or Fireflight fans we have in this community but I wanted to let you know about Taco Bell's Feed The Beat program and that they're apart of it. Basically, it's a program that helps put bands like them out on the road. To find out more about Feed The Beat, check out the little widget below. Thanks for your time :).

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porn again christian [30 Apr 2009|11:45am]
I was first exposed to pornography accidentally, at the age of 5.  My parents owned a store, and sold "adult" playing cards. They had images of naked women on them, and although I remember being excited about it,  I don't recall much else.  Then at the age of 12, i found my dad's stash.  I stole it and for the first time in my life, i masturbated.  From the ages of 12-35, i can say my life was held in the grip of pornography.  This journal will detail my battle with porn, and i hope it is a help for you who come across this page.  blessings.  
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is this bad music for my christian cousin? [28 Apr 2009|04:05am]

my 16 year old cousin asked me to give her some music that i like because she's interested into getting into new thing. however, while my cousin is christian, i am not. but, i don't wish to upset or disrupt her life in any way and so i would like the help of some of her peers.

there's this group called Meg & Dia that i really love. i want to give her their CD but there's this song on it and i'm not sure if it's an anti-christian message or not. your help would be amazing. thank you!!:

Their album, Here, Here, and Here is out now and available here on iTunes incase you want to decide from the other songs. thank you!
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Selling Autographed Skillet Merchandise [26 Apr 2009|04:21pm]

Hey guys, I've got a few really cool Skillet things I am selling.
1.) The DVD/CD Comatose Comes Alive(which I payed 15 dollars for. It's only been watched/listened to once).
2.) A pair of Skillet 'Comatose Comes Alive' drumsticks from the recording of the live DVD/CD by the same name. They're brand new and have never been used before. They've been sitting on my dresser for months now, and I'm really not doing anything with them. I'm in need of some extra cash right now, so I have decided to sell them. Unfortunate for me, but very fortunate for you. :D
3.) A Comatose Tour 2008 All Access Backstage Pass AUTOGRAPHED BY THE BAND. The pass is void, but it has the bands signatures on it. :D
I was wondering if I put them on ebay, would any of you be interested in buying them? I'd give you the link to the auction as soon as it was put up. If we come to an agreement on a price before the auction, I'll make it a 'buy it now price'. :) I'll even be sure that you are online and ready to buy them as soon as the auction is put up so as to not risk anyone stealing them out from underneath you.
If I don't come to an agreement over price with one person, I'll just let you all battle it out on ebay. ;)

I'm including pictures. You'll be able to view one here, and the rest are under the cut.

IMAGES under the cutCollapse )
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another new one... [20 Apr 2009|05:21pm]

hey guys, i'm new here as well. my name's gracie, im 18, and i thought this community looked pretty cool and down to earth. would love to have some friends. shall keep watching! :] x
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Newbie [22 Mar 2009|04:43pm]


Hi im new here. I just made a bunch of icons and im not sure if its kewl to post them here, so i guess ill just post the link to my LJ and you can go look if you want. Mods if its not okay feel free to delete this :)

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The rising [05 Mar 2009|10:56pm]

im always teased at school for being the head christian, then again alot of people will look ar my piercings and wonder if im a christian or not,

I'm always after saving the unsavable deemed by every church out there, there is a spirit of god in all of us, ive been homeless,raped,dealt with drugs and i still have the faith i do now, i remember my pastor told me the enemy tries to break the strongest warriors the hardest.

I believe that every time someone offers me drugs or i see another kid broken and laying in the street completely defeated, im a radical 17 year old girl about to start a revolution
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[01 Mar 2009|05:45pm]

I did a sermon on pornography's relationship to sin. I hope you all enjoy it.

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advert! [21 Feb 2009|09:16pm]


Christian music and resources!

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hey im new [31 Jan 2009|02:32pm]

[ mood | confused ]

 well im joining the community because i've felt like somethings been missing from my life. I'm 16 and went to catholic school for 8 year (1st through 8th grade) and I was raised catholic. somewhere along the line, however, i stopped believing. god never seemed to be there for me, so I walked away. Now I'm not entirely sure how to go back to him. If anyone has any advice, I would be glad to hear it

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Newbie [06 Dec 2008|04:54pm]

[ mood | artistic ]


I'm back to LJ and I want to meet friends with the same belief that me =)
I'm Lettie/19 years old/brazilian living in Japan
I'm Christian protestant since 2008 january,I'm new in faith.
I was in satanism for 5 years,and this year I met the love of Jesus and everything is changed.
I hope find nice friends here!!=)
Feel free to add me!

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International Post OT III Day! [06 Dec 2008|10:11am]

 The following is the sacred document in Scientology known as OTIII. Scientologists deny it exists as part of their Operating Thetan literature. It was written by L. Ron Hubbard in 1967. Hubbard wrote that if you read this document before you have achieved a level of scholarship, you will get pneumonia and die. The cost to get to that level: $360,000.

“The head of the Galactic Confederation (76 planets around larger stars visible from here) (founded 95,000,000 yrs ago, very space opera) solved overpopulation (250 billion or so per planet -- 178 billion on average) by mass implanting. He caused people to be brought to Teegeeack (Earth) and put an H Bomb on the principal volcanoes (Incident 2) and then the Pacific area ones were taken in boxes to Hawaii and the Atlantic Area ones to Las Palmas and there "packaged." His name was Xenu. He used renegades. Various misleading data by means of circuits etc. was placed in the implants. When through with his crime (R/)Loyal Officers (to the people) captured him after 6 years of battle and put him in an electronic mountain trap where he still is. "They" are gone. The place (Confed.)has since been a desert.” - Hubbard

See it in his original handwriting at xenu.net. Learn more about the fight against the criminal cult of Scientology on whyweprotest.net. Make a different by copy-pasting this and posting it somewhere else as part of International Post OTIII Day and in honor of Lisa McPherson, who died on Dec 5 1995 after being starved to death by Scientologists.

Also, L. Ron. Hubbard said Christ wasn't real-
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhfNBt4Btek                                                                                                      http://www.ronthenut.org/antichri.htm  
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New Podcasts [29 Nov 2008|03:25pm]

This week we talk about the Christian Rap game and hang out backstage with Apostle J!



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